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February 2024 Market Update

With an extra day in the calendar, the Leap Year proved to be a positive for the markets. February saw the markets continue their recent upward trajectory.

February 2024 Performance:

January 2024 Market Update

Good Afternoon,

The month of January saw the ‘Magnificent 7’ (Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, Tesla) in the US continue to prop up the market, along with further announcements from the Fed.

November 2023 Market Update

Christmas came early for the capital markets this year. November proved to be an excellent month across multiple asset classes.

November Market Performance:

October 2023 Market Update

October proved to be a spooky month for the markets. The negative returns were a result of mixed corporate earnings, macroeconomic data, and geopolitical tensions.

October Market Performance:

September 2023 Market Update

The ‘September Effect’ is a calendar-based market anomaly where stock market returns are consistently negative for the month. Of course, this theory may or may not apply depending on the year. But, it certainly proved true in 2023.

September Market Performance:

August 2023 Market Update

After a good July, August saw the markets pull back until the 24th, and then pare some of those losses to close out the month.  

August Market Performance:   

July 2023 Market Update

The month of July saw a positive run in the markets. For a nice change of pace, the returns were more spread out this past month instead of being more concentrated in the mega-cap tech names.

July Market Performance:

June 2023 Market Update

The month of June saw the overall market continue to gain overall. Although we saw a market slump mid-month, we finished all of June on a higher note.

June Market Performance:

May 2023 Market Update

The month of May saw some interesting market movement. Many securities and companies were down or flat for the month from the fears regarding the US debt ceiling. But as is the case year-to-date (YTD), a small handful of tech names shouldered the load and carried the US economy on their backs.

May Market Performance:


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