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Client Experience

Jaime Goodison

Clayton is fantastic, dedicated, and prompt. His knowledge, customer service, and attention to detail is outstanding. My husband and I are happy to have Clayton as our advisor/broker.

Kathleen House

Clayton has been great to work with over the last few years. My husband and I aren't very savvy when it comes to the investment world, but Clayton has always taken the time to explain things to us and to answer all of our (many) questions. He is patient and friendly (even when it takes us forever to answer emails or follow through with something we are supposed to do on our end), and he listens to what we want. We appreciate his knowledge and advice, and we would recommend working with him to others!

Alison Novak

Clayton has been handling my work RRSP for the past few years and unlike our previous financial agency, Clayton is present at our workplace and offers educational seminars about the benefits my company offers.

Last year, I moved my private assets over to Oculus as the service I was receiving from the bank was minimal. Clayton is always available to answer all of my questions and takes the time to explain everything in terms I understand.

Jason Young

I have been working with Clayton and Oculus Private Wealth for a few years now. Clayton is an excellent communicator who takes initiative. He provides great service and is personable. I am very satisfied and would recommend Oculus and especially Clayton to anyone requiring financial planning.

Jaye Harry

I met Clayton and Grant when the organization I work with changed group investment providers. I have been impressed from day one by their accessibility and availability. When we were all still meeting in person, Clayton and Grant arranged for regular group information sessions as well as individual meeting times onsite. It is difficult to find the time after work hours to meet about financial issues, and so this has been a real boon of convenience not only for myself but for my colleagues.

Bill Hay

My wife and I first met Grant when he did a presentation at my wife's place of work 17 years ago. At that time, we considered ourselves somewhat knowledgeable investors who had been working with various stock brokers/investment firms for a number of years. The thing for us was, that after all those years, it seemed that the stock brokers were always making commissions for trading on our behalf when our portfolio was not making any money or actually losing money. If the markets were going up, they would have us buying more, and got a commission.

Lynn Hoff

I could write a book about my journey with Grant. My situation was complex.

My partner and I were in business together. Our sons-in-law were employees. Due to health issues, my partner had to step down from the business. I was feeling overwhelmed at a stage that I needed to make a lot of complicated decisions for our companies and my personal life.